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Our partners - Our friends

Our aim is to offer you an excellent service. To this end, we work together with selected partners in the background.

Our parent company Coinfinity has been active as a Bitcoin broker since 2014 and has launched Austria’s first Bitcoin ATM. With the experience of the oldest Bitcoin company in Austria, Coinfinity is our reliable technology partner in the background.

Coinfinity offers comprehensive technological solutions in the field of Bitcoin and Blockchain platforms. In addition to trading cryptocurrencies, Coinfinity advises decision-makers and supports companies that want to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.



For years, hardware producer General Bytes has been a reliable partner and our preferred supplier of Bitcoin ATMs. Not only do we have an excellent working relationship on a technical level, but we also fully agree with General Bytes’ core values – “Truth, Privacy and Freedom”.



State-of-the-art in-store presentation concepts at MediaMarkt allow customers to experience tomorrow’s innovations today. Customers have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with almost all products before they buy them and can try them out directly on site.

We are all the more pleased that, due to the great success, the number of Bitcoin vending machines has been expanded to 12 MediaMarkt locations throughout Austria. Full customer service and telephone support will of course be provided by Kurant.


Österreichische Post AG

Österreichische Post AG is the country’s leading logistics and postal service provider. In addition to its main business areas, the transport of letters, advertising mail, print media and parcels, Österreichische Post AG has expanded its competencies along the entire logistics value chain in recent years – from extended digital services to fulfilment solutions and warehousing. Austrian Post’s branch network is one of the largest private customer networks in the country and offers customers high-quality products and services throughout Austria. We are pleased to have a renowned and future-oriented partner at our side in the form of Österreichische Post AG.



The MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group is a German electronics retail chain and can claim to be the largest specialist retail chain in Europe in this sector. The group’s head office is located in Ingolstadt. The company offers the latest technology trends as well as a large selection of products from the areas of household appliances, consumer electronics, computers, photography or telecommunications.


Sutor Bank

Sutor Bank was founded in 1921. It is based in Hamburg and focuses on the management and investment of customer assets. In its business activities, Sutor Bank combines modern financial technologies and classical investment principles.



Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte eG has its headquarters in Ingolstadt and is a German cooperative bank. As such, it serves to economically promote and support its members. Founded in 1895, VR Bank offers financial services in cooperation with the specialised institutions of the FinanzGruppe.


Salamantex is a fintech and blockchain start-up from Austria that enables businesses to accept payments using cryptocurrencies. With its Crypto Payment Service, the young company has developed an easy-to-integrate all-in-one solution for payment systems. In addition, Salamantex supports and advises its customers in the areas of blockchain technology, software development and project management.


ARBÖ is an automobile club and stands for car, motor and cycling association Austria. ARBÖ is the second largest traffic club in Austria and is today a successful service organisation. The organisation offers, among other things, driver safety training, roadside assistance, memberships as well as its own information services.